Robin Praytor, Author, and Managing Editor

Welcome to Post-To-Print Publishers. We are a serious, start-up publishing house headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Our initial focus will be short fiction anthologies. As an author and the managing editor of Post-To-Print, I am committed to attracting excellent writers, both published and unpublished, to join our list of contributors and become members of the Post-To-Print family. 

Our mission is to build a reputation and following as a quality publishing house of short fiction and non-fiction anthologies, bringing together first-rate writers across multiple genres.

Our promise is to maintain a fair and open relationship with each of our contributing authors, to provide exceptional editing and production services, and to aggressively market our catalog of publications.

Our first submission call closed March 1, 2018. Short stories FROM A CAT’S P.O.V. is in production now, and scheduled for publication at the end of this year. If you wish to be notified of newly posted calls and publication dates, please subscribe to receive emailed updates, or check this site periodically for new postings.

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